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Business Life Planning

"Having three partners of different ages, and life stages, causes difficulty but we found the whole Business Life Plan experience immensely helpful as it allowed us to understand what everyone wants out of the business and then create a plan, agreed by all, for where we want the business to be. That has included transition programs which are ready should any partners wish to retire or new partners buy into the business.
There were also issues highlighted that we had previously overlooked but now we've addressed them with sound strategies. That included things like keeping staff motivated, machinery improvements, increasing brand awareness etc.
It is great having peace of mind knowing that our business has planned effectively and is ready for anything."
- Rod Barrett, P & K Joinery

Business owners don't need to sacrifice business goals for personal lifestyle, or vice versa. Our Business Life Planning workshop is run with all business owners to understand and commit to concrete goals for both the business and the owner’s personal lives. The result of the workshop is an action plan which we work with you to implement so you can realise your goals.

By considering your past, present and future, the Business Life Plan provides you with a structured review of your business - its performance and areas of improvement, as well as your personal journey, to enable key, common objectives to be established.

Key features of our Business Life Planning service include:

  • a Business Valuation Assessment to ascertain your business' current value to act as a baseline on which to grow;
  • facilitated strategic planning process;
  • a workshop including all business owners (and spouses, where appropriate);
  • a tailored Business Life Plan report documenting the key aspects of your business and personal life;
  • documented goals, action plans and timelines;
  • identification of any areas of stress, including strategies on how to reduce stresses; and
  • ongoing support with the implementation of your plan and monitoring of your performance against the identified goals.

Overall, our Business Life Planning service provides you with an excellent framework to start formalising your plan to achieve your business and personal lifestyle goals.

Are you ready to plan for the future? Find out more about how Business Life Planning can help you.